• The Beginning: Chartered in May, 1970.
  • Membership: Approximately 30 singers from around the Chippewa Valley —  Dunn, Chippewa, Eau Claire, Pepin, Buffalo, Trempealeau, and Jackson Counties.
  • Approximately 740 choruses in the United States and Canada

  • Approximately 13,800 Members
  • Approximately 850 quartets registered with the Barbershop Harmony Society headquarters; an estimated 1000 more quartets are active but not officially registered.

  • Age distribution: equal numbers of people joining between age 18-25 and age 62-69

  • Part of the largest male singing organization in the world -over 70,000 members scattered across the globe.
  • Purpose:
    1. Preserve and enjoy one of the few “truly American” styles of music.
    2. Provide service to the Dunn County area through music and entertainment.
    3. Support local and national service projects.
    4. Provide hobby and recreation for men who enjoy singing (perhaps sang in the past, or know that they would like to sing) and are seeking a healthy, fun activity.
    5. Encourage music education and individual vocal development for our members.
    6. Encourage quartet singing. See our Chapter Quartets Page
    7. Support music education and the musical arts in the schools.
  • Achievements:
    1. An Annual Barbershop Harmony Show is staged for the public each Spring.  Each year the finest of regional and national barbershop quartets are invited to perform along with local quartets and the Northern Lights Chorus.
    2. The Northern Lights Chorus and the Chapter quartets have the opportunity to compete each year in the Barbershop Harmony Society’s contest system both for their own enjoyment and to continue improving the quality of performances.
      • At the 1991 10,000 Lakes Division Contest, the Northern Lights Chorus from Dunn County won the Plateau A Championship and was also named “Most Improved Chorus”
      • In 1993, Dunn County’s Northern Lights Chorus was again crowned Division Plateau A champions.
      • At the 10,000 Lakes Division Contests in 1994, the men from Dunn County once again captured the Plateau A Championship and again the Most Improved-Chorus award.
      • In the 1996 Division competition, CHIPs Quartet was named 10,000 Lakes Novice Quartet Champion, and their singing qualified them for entry into the Land O’ Lakes District Contest.
      • At the 2011  10,000 Lakes Division Contest, Northern Lights Chorus from Dunn County won the Plateau A Championship and also was named “Most Improved Chorus”!

The Dunn County Chapter is comprised of several different performing groups, including the Northern Lights Chorus,  Heartstrings Quartet, Red Cedar Rousers Quartet, and 4 X 4 Quartet.   Each of these ensembles is available for performance: Contact Us